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We turn creative ideas into business solutions.


Cantrell Consulting is a different type of consulting service. We offer applied creative solutions that spark the imagination, engage technology, and employ analytical tools.



Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical communications issues and opportunities.



Cantrell Consulting provides expert strategies,

helping our clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored advertising, marketing, and communications solutions to help them achieve sustained growth.


“... a great work ethic, very personable, knowledgeable & a true asset for me & our customers...saves me a lot of time creating ongoing opportunities to grow further together..”

Karen Norman, Account Executive, Suddenlink Media, Hot Springs, Arkansas

“Cantrell Consulting has created many different types of digital ads for us...consistently supplies digital ads that achieve results and satisfy the needs of our and accurate, both required in the fast pace world of digital advertising. As a result of their professionalism, we recommend him highly.”

Mike O'Flahery, Advertising Sales Represtative, Estes Park Trail Gazette, Estes Park, Colorado

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