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“We really appreciated Tom's quick turnaround and very reasonable price. We plan on calling on him again to support next season's marketing campaign."

Sue Stoveall, Director of Marketing - Colorado Symphony, Denver, Colorado

“ 'out of the box' thinker and problem solver...  ...extensive experience and expertise in all areas of strategic communications, message development and delivery, and critical measurement of results..."

Jim Leach, Director of External Afairs - Santa Margarita Water District, Orange County, California 

“...a master at analyzing a problem and developing creative strategies to produce the desired result..”

Jon Newcomb, Assistant General Counsel - Comcast, Chicago, Illinois

“Easy to work with, fast turnaround, and fantastic pricing.  I can work with anyone I want and I’m finding myself continuously going to Cantrell Consulting because they are so good to work with.  I highly recommend them.”

Lee Kercher, Account Executive, Viamedia, Tampa, Florida

Jon Borcherding, Riser Marketing & Consulting

Denver, Colorado

“Cantrell Consulting has been amazing in providing an affordable turn-key solution for video production which allows our clients to put their money towards their campaign and growing their business.  Tom gives small business’ a chance to play ball”

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